ComfortWay to announce a line of roaming free products at GSMA World Mobile Congress 2015

ComfortWay announced its three technological solutions at GSMA World Mobile Congress, held in Barcelona 2-5 March. All solutions are in mobile for tourists segment – platform for Virtual SIM management; mobile applications for smartphones and tablets and a new product - ComfortWay MINI, a compact inexpensive full function Wi-Fi router. For all users of ComfortWay MINI the company keeps only the lowest rates for mobile internet in roaming across Europe.

Virtual SIM will re-place classic SIM cards.

Remote SIM Provisioning technology (i.e a remote downloading of profiles of the SIM to end user devices such as smartphones or tablets) was approved by the International Association of GSMA in summer 2014. As a matter of fact it gave way to use virtual SIM cards instead of local, traditional ones. Some obvious advantages of the technology are:

One of the key advantages of the technology - security. Recently it became known that the largest manufacturer of SIM cards (up to 2 billion of SIM cards annually) Germalto experienced a hacking of its SIM encryption keys. This hacking attacked was performed by Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). So now around one billion people need to be aware that all their private information may be opened by someone or they need to change for a new SIM with new security keys. If mobile operators have used virtual SIM cards a case such as this one would not have happened as it is possible just to download again a new SIM profile for all hacked SIMs thus making its client feel secure.

According to Marketing Director of ComfortWay Inc. Yaroslav Svintsov – “Remote SIM Provisioning technology is able to change usual mobile user behavior to a complete simplicity enriched with new possibilities. From now on end users don’t need to think about where to buy a SIM card especially when abroad. It is also easy to opt for a local plan via a mobile application with just a few clicks. Multiple service providers may offer new value added services in conjunction with chosen plans that will make service inexpensive and of high quality”.

How virtual SIM card be used

ComfortWay presented several cases of usage of virtual SIM management technology: for tablets and notebooks, smartphones and routers. The profile itself of the virtual SIM card may be downloaded to a special hybrid SIM card which may be installed in any client gadget. This hybrid SIM card offers not only the service of your local mobile operator but also of the foreign services providers dynamically changing the profile of the SIM when you are abroad. For example, if you are in Germany then you may opt for a local plan from the list of local mobile operators, and if you are in China, then correspondingly, from the list of Chinese operators and so on. Also, virtual SIM profiles may be downloaded right to the ComfortWay SIM chipset installed, for example, in your tablet then you don’t need to insert a hybrid SIM and you may choose any available plan via a special mobile application in more than 100 countries of the world .

The International association of entrepreneurs for virtual services creates a cloud service for virtual SIM card management.

The managing partner of the V.S.C.A. Association (Virtual SIM Card Alliance) Izmo Rantala talks on creation of a special cloud service that would help SIM card manufacturers, operators (MNO) and virtual operators (MVNO) and service providers from different countries to exchange with its virtual profiles for the SIM cards. Effective development of this technology (Remote SIM Provisioning) is impossible without partnership, i.e. with a mobile operator or mobile application developers, says Izmo Rantala, therefore our Association helps not just bridge effective contacts between market players, but to elaborate standards, which would help to use SIM card profile securely in gadgets in different territories and countries.

As of today, Association uses a cloud service, which is available for all operators with virtual profiles, and service providers who use these profiles to deliver it to end users. Certified SIM manufacturers provide the secure storage and SIM usage and the profile itself is downloaded right to the gadget utilizing a command from provider delivering a certain service.

In this way, we envision the maximum popularity of virtual SIM card management technology and service by the end of 2015. In addition, this will be a significant contribution to the development of the communication services of the new generation.